Your 4-Minute Guide to ALL 32 TEAMS at the 2018 World Cup

Transcript 00:00 good morning Hank it’s Tuesday every 00:01 four years the 32 best men’s national 00:03 soccer teams gather together for the 00:05 World Cup which is played in whatever 00:07 country has most successfully bribed 00:09 FIFA officials it’s the most watched 00:11 sporting event in the world and the 00:12 United States […]

Sports Jersey Buying Guide – How to spot a Fake NFL NHL MLB NBA Jersey

Transcript 00:00 as sports fans we all love our teams we 00:03 show our support by wearing the same 00:04 jerseys shirts and tops as our heroes on 00:07 the field but when you look at the price 00:09 of them you’ll say how much there’s been 00:12 a recent increase in the amount of […]