It was scheduled to be a birthday party on a Saturday. All throughout the two weeks leading up to the big day, the family checked the weather reports hoping for a clear sky. Their wishes were granted on Saturday morning. The sky was virtually cloudless and a person could see a warm blue tint in it. 

Birthday parties were special and celebrated around the world in many ways: decorations, desserts, noise makers and much more to signal the occasion. This party didn’t follow any sort of tradition other than that of having a good time. Some labeled it as dangerous, others as simply a bad idea. Many praised it and were excited about it. Skydiving was the name of the game for this Saturday celebration and the excitement was there. Out of the many extreme sports that can take a person to another stratosphere, skydiving is surely one of them. 

Extreme Sports

In the broadest sense of defining the term extreme sports, one could write that they are sports with a high degree of risk. It is true that all activities involve some degree of risk. Think of walking at the dog park as a unique but prime example. The dog park is as leisurely as they come. A person simply strolls around the area as his or her dog plays merrily in the mud and soil. Then out of no where a couple of dogs caught in a tussle come barreling into a patron’s knees, causing a torn ligament. 

Danger is everywhere and extreme sports are no different. Think of high flying acts like Tony Hawk off of the skateboarding vert ramp or a mountain climber desperately attempting to climb a treacherous peak. Think of hang gliders jumping off cliffs and snowboarders speeding down mountainsides. There is danger in extreme sport but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. 

The Appeal

There is great appeal in extreme sports. One doesn’t have to look very far past a first skydive ca to realize that. The reason behind the attraction to extreme sports is because they are first and foremost fun. 

Some people like to push their bodies to extreme lengths to try to accomplish a goal. Others simply have passion that propels them to snowboard or participate in an activity. There is no question that the adrenaline for an extreme sports enthusiast has to be at an extremely high level for them to compete. The adrenaline gland is stimulated when there is an activity causing stress on the body. Things such as skydiving and bungee jumping certainly would release stress on the body. 

Simply because something is labeled as potentially dangerous doesn’t mean one shouldn’t participate in it. There are plenty of awesome stories of people beating the odds by accomplishing great feats. These things would have never happened if they sat on the sidelines because of the danger factor associated with the activity. With dedication, passion and training, one can accomplish many wonderful things in the extreme sports world.

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