Altitude activities offers you an amazing experience. Namely, zipline Bovec with its panoramic views over the Upper Soča Valley is a unique way of experiencing this area in a way that most people cannot even imagine. Can you?

What is zipline anyway

Ziplines are metal cables, leading from remote mountain huts or military buildings to the valley. They were used for easier transportation of materials. However, the word zipline became a synonym for an extreme sport. Zipline Bovec offers you more than 3 kilometres of iron cables to zip on. Zipline Bovec offers breath-taking views over the Soča valley and the surrounding sky-high mountains, some of them are still covered in snow during the summer.

Zipline Bovec is an experience, filled with adrenaline. However, do not worry, you will be safe with Altitude activities, as our guides are experts and safety is their first priority. We will provide you will all the necessary equipment and introduce you to ziplining, on how to use the equipment, how to start, how to stop and brake on a small zipline polygon. And when we will be ready, we will go to the real zipline.

An amazing booster for the whole family

You read that right. Zipline Bovec is also suitable for children from 4 years of age. Children will, of course, descend the zipline in a tandem, together with Altitude activities’ certified and experienced guide. And if you are too scared to do it on your own, we will provide you with another guide as well. Nevertheless, zipline Bovec can become a life changing experience for you, because if you can do this, you can do anything. So, do not let fear from limiting you and fly high! IT is an amazing team building experience as well.

Leave your stressful life behind and fly with zipline Bovec!

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