Eye protection is protective gear for the eyes which comes in many types depending upon the threat that can be reduced. Goggles are used as a safety wear for eyes that helps in protecting the eyes from any kind of damage. For example, brands like 509 goggles have a passion for building innovative and technical riding gadgets such as snowmobile goggles, snowmobile helmets, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle goggles, optics technology technical riding gloves and sunglasses etc. Goggles or safety goggles, are forms of protective eye wear that protect human eyes from small particles, and any kind of dangerous chemicals. Goggles have many kinds and are used for many purposes such as, in chemistry laboratory, in woodworking, while swimming and snowy mountains. 

In the early years, goggles were mainly worn by drivers just to save their eyes from dust or wind. But after the invention of airplane in 1903, the use of goggles became necessary. The requirements for goggles varies depending on the use, such as; 
Snow Goggles: Snow goggles are a type of eye wear that prevent people from snow blindness, snow blindness may cause tears, pain in eyes and sore eyes. The injury may be prevented by wearing snow glasses to block the ultraviolet radiation. 
Cold Weather; Cold weather glasses or anti-fog glasses are used by people. With only a single lens, the interior vapor condenses onto the lens because the lens is colder than the vapor. Swimming: While swimming in the ocean or in pool, specific goggles are used while swimming. Such goggles are used to prevent eyes from irritation or burning when in the water. 

Astronomy and Dark Adapter Goggles: Such glasses are used before going outside at night, in order to help the eyes to adapt to dark when working. Power tool: Goggles are used during work with power tools like plastic cutting, metal or woods, protecting from concrete or plastic power tools glasses are used. Laboratory and Research projects: Specific glasses are used during work in research and chemical labs for the protection of eyes. Goggles are also used as protection against lights, because human eyes are sensitive to intense and bright light that can possibly can damage the retina of eye. The most common forms of eye protection against light or the sun are sunglasses that we normally use everyday. 

Welding goggles protect eyes against glare and flying sparks like in construction, such glasses are like sunglasses. Above-mentioned goggles are common goggles used by people. Other goggles such as welding goggles, Blowtorch Goggles, Fatal vision Goggles, and virtual reality (also called goggles) are also used. Goggles are also often worn as a fashion product by many people around the world. Overall, snowmobile goggles are essential to wear for eye protection, to insure maximum visibility especially when it is snowing and fogging. It can help prevent snow blindness. And if the goggles are not the best quality, it’ll require continuous rubbing of eyes which is a risk for causing accidents. 

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