No matter if you grew up in the woods ,deserts, mountains, or wherever, there is a great deal of fun riding a dirt bike. You can explore back roads, and trails everywhere, and go through pretty much anything. Hit the dirt, mud, water, or climb rocks. You can also ride in the snow, with some extra work on your part. 

Always make sure to wear the proper gear when riding, and practice safety. Some very important gear, is the helmet, and proper dirt boots. Don’t just wear hiking boots. They will not protect you in the event of a mishap. Trust me, you don’t want to not be able to ride, when everyone else is going out. Next, if you are doing jumps, or hitting the woods, wear a chest protector. It goes a long way in protecting you from branches, and the handle bar, should you go down and get hit in the chest with the handle bars. 

The specialty clothing is optional, but recommended. The pants have leather on the side to protect you from burns of the muffler. The jerseys and pants both, protect regular clothing. Many people wear jeans and shirts that they have to throw away, because that mud, just does not was out. You can pressure wash, your gear alongside the bike, and hang to dry, till next use. 

California is an awesome place to live. You have the best of all worlds, when it comes to riding dirt bikes. There are mountains, woods, beaches, deserts, and also dirt tracks abound to choose from. If you want, you can hit the snow too. What more can you ask for? OH yeah, a dirt bike. 

If you live near Escondido, you need to search dirt bikes for sale escondido ca, to find one near you. There all kinds of places to find one. You can ask friends, or relatives, who may know of someone that has one. If you have never ridden or worked on a bike before, you should probably buy a new one at a local dealership. You will have to decide what brand of bike you would like to get too.

Check around for a dealer near you. Check their reviews, but always remember to keep in mind, that not everyone tells two sides of a story. Most dealerships are pretty reputable, especially when it comes to dirt bikes. This is because the salesmen are usually seasoned riders, that have ridden all their lives. They will not let you, or will try to dissuade you, if the bike you want, is not what you are ready for. They don’t want you to get hurt. They actually feel responsible for you, once they send you out on them. 
Another thing to check, is see if the dealership sells the clothing and gear too. Most times they give discounts for buying everything at one time. Most of all, get out, have fun, and enjoy nature, and the ride!

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