Sports make up a huge industry that millions of people enjoy watching and participating in. At the heart of any sports team are its players. These individuals compete hard on the court, the field and in the arena to get wins, to produce more money for their city and to bring home championships. Unfortunately, professional sporting matches often cause athletes to experience a lot of injuries and long lasting pain. There are many different ways for athletes to get relief from pain but marijuana is one option. Keep reading to discover how athletes and the medical field feels about marijuana use to relieve sports related pain and injuries. 

The Medical Field is Slowly Changing its Views about Marijuana for Healing Athletes 

The medical field is an important entity at the heart of the great marijuana debate as a whole. These individuals are the ones that will determine the health benefits of this drug. They will determine if it can realistically be used as a treatment option for pain. According to the National Pain Report, more medical researchers and doctors are taking a favorable approach to medical marijuana use for athletes. The FDA is still conducting lots of research on the effectiveness of marijuana as a pain reliever. However, the medical industry as a whole is reluctantly agreeing to its use for treating athletes and pain. 

Sports Players Advocate for Marijuana Pain Relief 

On the surface, athletes look they have a great life. Honestly, their lives are in a sense a lot of fun, exciting and entertaining. However, behind the scenes, many of these individuals suffer from chronic pain and injuries. According to the Washington Post, many athletes have to walk away from the game at an early age to preserve their health and mental well-being. They also have to deal with a lot of pain that prohibits normal function in life. For many athletes this is a frustrating experience. 

Marijuana based treatment remedies supposedly work for these individuals better than opioid based treatment options or any other type of pain relief. Athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL are now advocating for the use of marijuana as a treatment option. Sports doctors related to the NFL are now starting to endorse its use as well. Once again, many members of the medical field are reluctantly promoting marijuana use as a means to fight chronic pain for athletes. A bremerton cannabis dispensary can provide athletes with marijuana treatment products. 

The Changing Nature of Sports in the Era of Marijuana Legalization 

According to Pew Research, most of the country is favorable toward marijuana being used as a treatment option and as a recreational drug. People all over the nation are lowering their previous guarded standards against marijuana. Sports players have been drinking beer, taking various pain meds and even smoking marijuana throughout the years to alleviate pain. This has been happening for a very long time. Especially in high contact sports such as football and hockey. There is no easy answer for this dilemma. Still, more people are now accepting athletes and their use of marijuana treatments to alleviate pain and to help them function better in life.

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