There are many reasons you could own a pistol caliber rifle. In the modern world, technology is continually evolving. As technology advances, it gives us many different reasons to buy a 9mm Semi Automatic Rifle

The popularity of the 9mm cartridge has driven a deluge of advances in its performance. Around the world, people have improved bullet designs and the overall case effectiveness of the 9mm. These improvements have led the way to more +P loads available today than at any time in the past. Developments like these make a 9mm rifle the perfect choice for most of your needs. 

Just as the advances in technology have improved the performance of the 9mm cartridge, it has also improved the reliability of the 9mm rifle/carbine. AR-15 style pistol caliber carbines have advanced the reliability of the entire category of weapons. This improved reliability does not always mean a higher price tag either. Some 9mm rifles are very reliable and still manage to keep the price tag to under $200. 

Increased demand for the 9mm rifle in 3 gun shooting sports has helped fuel the advances technology. Competition is a great driving force, and it just leads to the benefits already mentioned. Advances in gun design, bullet performance, and part reliability are all great reasons to buy a 9mm rifle and the results of higher demand on the 9mm rifle. 

Another benefit to buying a 9mm rifle that many people do not think about is the lower recoil of the 9mm than some larger rifle cartridges. When you pair a pistol caliber with the larger frame of a rifle, it will have a noticeable lower recoil leading to improved handling and accuracy. The 9mm rifle’s lower recoil is also ideal for people that might not be able to handle the higher recoil of larger calibers. 

The 9mm also does very well when paired with a rifle’s longer barrel. The 9mm cartridge out of a pistol barrel usually averages around 1100/FPS velocity with a 3-5” barrel. When you put the same 9mm cartridge into an average 16.5” barrel of a 9mm rifle the velocity goes up to nearly 1300/FPS. Lower recoil and improved ballistic performance make the 9mm rifle an excellent choice for anyone. 

The cost to operate a 9mm rifle is also much lower than that of a larger rifle cartridge. This lower operating cost can lead to better training with your rifle when you can spend more of your money on ammunition that will lead you to train more with that weapon in the field. Having a pistol caliber rifle that will also accept the same magazines as your pistol means less cost to operate both of them. 

The versatility of exchanging magazines between your sidearm and your rifle means you can easily transition between environments. Going from personal defense with your pistol to range plinking with your rifle makes for a better combination. Improved performance, versatility, and ease of use can mean better training and more fun.

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