Georg Luger was the man who originally designed the 9mm back In 1902. This type of gun was typically used in the German Luger semi-automatic pistol, which is why the round was first named the 9mm Luger. In the US military, they have shifted from using a .45 to the 9mm due to the fact of how powerful, and precise this weapon is. You can find these type of guns located in any gun store, and are very cheap and affordable to purchase along with the ammunition. 

What Is A 9mm Designed For? 

A 9mm gun is considered extremely durable and considered one of the more popular self-defense calibers for concealment and open carry. This type of weapon provides a very good balance between firing and stopping power, and is considered a lightweight pistol that has a less chance over penetration. The ammunition for this type of weapon can be found nearly anywhere and has a variety of configurations to choose from. You can find the ammunition for this type of weapon nearly anywhere, and has a variety of configurations to choose from. When choosing this type of gun, this handgun will give you the most value when it comes to your money, and is considered fun to shoot with. A lot of people use this gun at Target practices. One way to search up these type of handguns is by going on Google and in the search bar searching for any 9mm Handguns. There are several different handguns to choose from but they all are similar to each other when it comes to self-defense. 

Very Popular Gun To Consider 

When it comes to a 9mm gun, this basically talks about any handgun that carries a bullet of 9 mm in diameter. This gun is considered to be one of the most common type of semi-automatic pistols sold worldwide. These type of handguns became very popular back in the late 1970’s and early 1980′, and till this day worldwide, they continue to amaze everyone with the ability to keep shooting for a very long time. They are considered more than powerful enough to get any type of job done, and if caught in a bad situation they can easily put a bad guy down as well. The handgun has very good accuracy, and in the United States over 60% of police officers carry a 9 mm gun and this type of weapon is the preferred ammunition for civilian defense. 

Self Defense With A 9mm Gun

Nowadays a lot of people tend to carry the 9 millimeter handgun to protect their lives along with their friends or families. These type of guns are meant to bring a target down, and allows multiple hits that can be taken to bring down an attacker. You just don’t know what could pop up out of nowhere and surprise you, so it’s always good to carry your concealed weapon for safety. The world is a dangerous place and anything is possible.

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