In India, cricket is a religion. It is not surprising that every alley or street you pass, you come across kids playing some distorted version of cricket. Be it Test Series or T20, people are always eager to see their favourite batsmen at play. India has the greatest fan following for cricket in every era. From the times of Kapil Dev to the era of Virat Kohli, Cricket undeniably remains the one common religion binding all Indians.

Fantasy Cricket is the best platform where you can explore your love for cricket and interact with many other cricket enthusiasts online. Play your favourite cricket match online with this app. Here we have listed out 5 steps to win Fantasy Cricket Online Matches:

Decide Number of Batsmen

You will be allocated 100 points and you need to use it prudently to set up your team for Fantasy Cricket. A good cricket player and fan is sure to know that cricket team is made up of bowlers, batsmen and fielders. Each of these team members hold equal significance and a match can never be won if there are only batsmen in the team.

The first decision you need to take while setting up the team is the number of batsmen you need. You need to select 4-5 good batsmen for your team. Remember that when you invest some points on the batsmen, you will have only the remaining points to allocate to the rest of the team.

Decide Number of Bowlers

While the strength of Indian cricket team has always been batsmen, only a poor cricket player would underestimate bowlers. If you are a good player of cricket, you will understand the need for good bowlers in your team too. Select 3-4 good bowlers.

Set a Balanced Team Within the Budget of 100 Points

In cricket, the match is never lost till the last ball is bowled. A balanced team can be of great help in winning over the opponent. Make sure you use your points wisely to select a mixed team of batsmen, bowlers, fielders, wicketkeeper and others.

Read Through Rules of Fantasy Cricket Thoroughly

Overconfidence is sure to lead you to defeat. It does not matter how good you are at real cricket, you must still take time to read the rules of the game clearly. Take time to read each section starting from the types of matches to select from. Take time to read the points earned as bonuses when your team makes a half century or century. Also check what you stand to gain when your team hits a boundary or a six.

Try to find out the different ways in which your team may score some points. Don’t forget that the points earned by the captain and the vice-captain are of much more value compared to the points earned by the other players. You must also check how the bowlers can earn you a few extra points each time they bowl a maiden over. You must also read how you will score in case the opponent team gets out for duck. Read all the rules clearly and grasp them well.

Make Sure the Data Connection is Proper

Now that you know all the rules and guidelines well and are all set to play your favourite match on your smartphone, there is only one thing that can come in the way. Since all the exciting matches on Fantasy Cricket can be played only when there is a good internet connection, a strong data pack becomes a priority. Make sure you have a strong internet connection or data pack before signing up to beat the opponent online.

If you have acquainted yourself with the smartphone gaming app and you know all the rules of the game, you are all set. Go ahead and play your dream cricket match online and beat the opponent in your favourite field game.

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